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Aircraft Model: MIG-15
Aircraft Type: Fighter (Foreign Warbird)
Fly During Show: Yes
Display Open To Public: Yes
Web Site: Site

Photo courtesy of Ken Lin

Our MiG-15 UTI is painted in original factory colors and probably the finest MiG-15 flying today. Originally manufactured as a single-seat bis model, our aircraft served in the Soviet Air Force from 1954 to 1968. In 1968, as part of a lease to the Polish Air Force, our aircraft was converted by the Mig factory to a SB Lim-2 UTI - adding the second cockpit and larger, more powerful, VK1 engine - the same engine as the Mig 17 without the after burner. Our Mig 15 was operated by the Polish Air Force from 1968 to 1991. Nicknamed "White Lady" and still with its tactical designation "Red 117", our aircraft underwent a 10 year restoration process in the USA, first flying again in 2004. The aircraft did not fly again until 2008, when Viper North purchased the aircraft and returned it to flying condition.

 Top Speed: Mach 0.92 or 668 MPH

Climb Rate: 10,200 FPM

Fuel Burn: 460 g/hr

Ceiling: 51,000 feet

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